Cheat sheets for various stuff

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Cheat sheets

“Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.” – Albert Einstein

This is a collection of ‘cheat sheets’ that I compiled for various stuff… Although you’re welcome to use them, I highly recommend you to create your own from the ground up. A cheat sheet is personal and should be highly customized to your situation and to the way your brain works. You will probably want to structure it differently than I did, for example. Ideally, a cheat sheet contains those commands/shortcuts that you recently learned and want to have at hand because you haven’t commited them to long-term memory yet. Things that you know well should not be in the cheat sheet. Too many commands that you don’t know at all is also not ideal, as it makes it hard to find what you need in the list.

Some recommendations to build a cheat sheet:

Anyway, I hope you find some inspiration here, or maybe learn something new.